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Default EuControl does not see my workspace/Pro Tools

I need help. Working for hours now on this problem, and can't find a solution.

I bought 2 x S1 and a Dock and added a few iPads to replace my older Artist Mix.
Up until now everything just worked.

what did I do?
- First I updated Pro Tools and Eucon to latest versions.
- I added the S1's/dock/iPads to Eucon without any problem.
- in Pro Tools EuCon Control Surfaces is selected/active
- But in 'Workstations, there is no pro tools connection

So the system is not working.

My specs:
Big Sur 11.2.3
Pro Tools 2021.10.0
EuControl 2021.10.1.29
EUCON Version:

Mac Pro 5,1
2 x 3,45 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon
6 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2 GB
Running on NVME SSD

What did I do to troubleshoot?
  • I uninstalled EuControl, deleted all prefs etc + reinstall with reboot etc
  • reset PRAM & NVRAM
  • tryed other apps like Logic - no result
  • searched all forums etc - nothing that helped

One thing I did not do is a clean install, as this will be a ****load of work with all software, plugins etc. I'm trying to leave that as a last resort...

Does anyone have an idea? I am really frustrated with this.
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