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Default About Carbon Copy Cloner

Two things I learned about CCC lately:

1: Changing media, you lose snapshots.
I recently bought a bigger drive for my backups. I figured I'd just copy or clone the old one and continue backups where I'd left off. Then I noticed that the CCC clone of disk(s) was smaller than I expected. Size like a fresh clone, without snapshots. Copy with Disk Utilities or CCC, same result.
I contacted Bombich, and they said, yes, snapshots are a part of APFS file system and can't be copied.

So, be aware; changing backup disk media, you lose snapshots and roll-back ability.

2: Without thinking, I moved a 50gb folder to another directory on the same disk. My daily CCC backup of course copied that and my backup disk lost 50gb of free space.
Contacted Bombich, they said only way to retrieve that space was to wait for CCC settings to "thin" out the original folder automatically, or for the disk to reach full space limit, and then thin.
So, I've set the CCC task now to not keep anything older than 10 days, and the 50gb will be released in 10 days.

CCC is a great backup software, and Bombich provide good service, I just thought I'd let you know.

(By the way, I told them CCC should have the option to delete files/folders across snapshots, even Timemachine can do that.)
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