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Default Re: Selecting tracks in Eucon?

Did anything ever come of this effort?

I have a workflow on the Avid Control app that I would love to be able to implement selecting a track.


I make memory locations that will use both a view and a windows configuration.

1. I make a window Configuration that will minimize all other track folders BUT the drums, and set the track height to medium.
2. I set a memory location called DRUM EDITs that will call this window config as well
3. I then hit VCA *drums* on the app to select the Drum VCA and spill that to the faders.

Would LOVE to be able to add this to the memory location to allow one button. It would call the VCA as well as the window config at the same time.

Should be super simple to either allow this as a feature when you create a memory location - OR, just allow a eucon macro to say slect "this track, etc"


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