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Default HDX with Core Audio / iTunes

I'm new to HDX, migrating from HD2 Accel on PT10 Mavericks. On my previous rig I used to enjoy occasionally listening to my iTunes library of music through my Pro Tools interface using the "Avid CoreAudio Device" setting for the Mac audio. Now, when I try to do the same thing on my HDX system, I set the Mac Sound output to "HDX", bring up iTunes, it plays through my HD I/O, but it's all messed up, drop outs, clicks and pops. Then I find I need to reboot the system to go back to using the HDX card for Pro Tools. I'm on a 5,1 Mac Pro with Mojave, PT 20121.6. Can this work at all using HDX...?
2009 Mac Pro 5,1, PT 2021.3.1, HDX, Mojave, RX 560, Apogee AD/DA-16X, HD I/O 8x8
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