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All the artist and current series have SEL keys at the top of their faders (and on the Dock, next to the top 8 knobs.) That's what Waves is referring to. When you spill plugin parameters across the top of the fader strips, you use those.

It appears from the Avid Artist Control manual, you hold the shift key and touch the knob image to do the same for the Touchscreen area.

Knob Functions

Each knob has the following controls:
• Touching the knob’s image on the Touchscreen toggles the state of its primary parameter, such as EQ Band 1 on or off. When
on, a small green LED lights on the lower left.

• Pressing the SHIFT key and touching the knob’s image on the Touchscreen toggles its secondary parameter (if it exists), such
as toggling an aux send between pre- and post-fader. This can also change the knob function between two or more parameters, such as EQ Frequency and Q. When active, a small yellow LED lights on the upper left.
Bolded in Red what points this out since this has been the mapping for Q (and the SEL button) for a long time. This is the shift key on the Artist Control.
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