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Originally Posted by EddieJones View Post
From the user guide;

Each knob has the following controls:
ē Touching the knobís image on the Touchscreen toggles the state of its primary parameter, such as EQ Band 1 on or off. When
on, a small green LED lights on the lower left.
ē Pressing the SHIFT key and touching the knobís image on the Touchscreen toggles its secondary parameter (if it exists), such
as toggling an aux send between pre- and post-fader. This can also change the knob function between two or more parameters, such as EQ Frequency and Q. When active, a small yellow LED lights on the upper left.

The plugin map selects the type of ring used for a knob so its probably the map that's causing that issue especially if they work OK for pan etc.
Awesome. I donít typically switch between pre and post fader aux and had forgotten about that. Thanks.

As for intermittent ring indicator - anything I can do to troubleshoot on my end EUCON-wise or is it something to follow up with Waves on? I know when I originally called up the plug-in the parameter was displayed, and I think paging back and forth from the control surface caused JUST that parameterís ring to go away - all others weee as they should be.
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