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Default Re: Waves mapping

Here is Waves’ reply:

“Please press the Select button on the LMF or the HMF and this should change the knob to Q.”

Issue is - where is this “Select” on an Artist Control?
-pushing/clicking the encoder typically resets to default
-tapping the touchscreen ring indicator typically bypasses the selection
-of course there is the “Select” for tracks but I’m going to imagine there is no way to assign that to a plug-in parameter

Also to note for Eddie - those ring indicators have gotten messed up somewhere along the line. Not only are they displaying as a “0 at 12 o’clock” as would be useful for panning even if it’s, say, a freq suite parameter, but in yesterdays mix session using the Waves SSL G Channel, the threshold parameter for the compressor disappeared entirely, no indicator, just the greyed-out “E” circular EUCON logo… but the knob still adjusted the parameter, it was just not getting the feedback or listing what parameter at all. This is an infrequent thing on my system, MacOS 10.15.7, latest PT Native and EUCON.
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