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Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
Its not a bug though. As BScout already pointed out, this is on Waves and how they decided to implement the table maps for their plugins.

I have the same beef with them with MetaFilter. The cutoff knob is on the first page of 8 knobs on my Artist Mix and the resonance knob is on the second page. So if I wanted to adjust cutoff and resonance at the same time, I can’t. I mean, who is designing these things?

All of this is fixable with custom knob mapping. Been literally waiting years for this feature and when it finally arrived, they didn’t include it for Artist series owners. Ugh…

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Maybe. But “inconveniently placed” is different than “not including it at all”. As such, who would say their EQ plug-in is compatible with EUCON if there is no Q control? Unless you’re only using API plugins or other proportional EQs, I would suggest that leaving this control out is as “bug”gy as not including frequency control or gain; it forces the user to have to use something other than the EUCONized surface.

Regardless, if this is indeed a Waves mapping issue, I will update my post here once I’ve heard back from them.
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