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Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
Only on S Series controllers.

Seeing as this thread is in the Artist Series section, Iíll assume the OP has an Artist Mix or similar. If so, they canít custom map knobs. Major bummer.

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Yep, Artist Control. And I guess I missed the part in the manual where custom knobs are not available for that.

That's fine - but it's a bug to not include the Q for EQs. Beyond that, why is it now that when I click on the plugin in the mix window it brings it up (I imagine) as an EQ only (as in, EQ/DYN/etc. cycling), eliminating the ability to control the dynamics section of the channel strip, where if I call the same plugin from the control surface all controls (except Q) show up?

I really do long for the days for my Command 8 when it JUST WORKED. There wasn't the deep dive of control available on these surfaces, and considering the shape they were in when Eddie took over he's done a marvellous job - but I cannot imagine how this sort of super-basic features were not done 100% properly BEFORE moving onto the deep-dive stuff.

I will submit a ticket with Waves but I wonder, again, how this is a long-standing issue that no one on either Avid or Waves sides have looked at.
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