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Default Waves mapping

Trying to use the Waves SSL G Channel now that it's been added to my bundle. Pretty bad.
-the "ring" indicator is stuck on pan mode. That is, the indicator remains centred at 12 o'clock, no matter whether I'm using gains and frequency sweeps or actual pans, with the elements filling in left and right of that instead of filling in from, let's say, 7 o'clock all the way up to 5 o'clock
-no Q controls on the EQs (I've seen this on other Waves EQ plugins)
-when clicking on the plug-in in the mix window, when it populates the control surface, it seems as though it populates it as an "EQ" only; no dynamics section maps. When calling it from the control surface, the complete plugin maps - sans Q controls

I don't remember the ring thing before, I imagine it's something from a recent update, or maybe the G Channel is causing it. I also don't remember different mapping between calling up a plugin from the computer or from the control surface - perhaps it's a new pref I'm missing.

But beyond that - how is there no Q mapping for an EQ? I know manufacturers have a EUCON toolkit to use for mapping, but how is this something that went through beta testing, especially folks who have been around for years like Waves, and it's still an issue?

Do we address this with Avid or Waves? i.e. is it a EUCON issue that the incredible Eddie and his team can fix or does Waves have a weird toolkit for their mapping and they're getting it wrong across their platform?
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