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Default Re: Carbon - Intel Mac mini vs M1/M1x Mac mini

Originally Posted by GroovnD313 View Post
How are things running for you Mini M1/Carbon users as of today? 11/14/21

I'm still on the fully loaded intel mini but I'm missing the performance having to turn off turbo boost with my carbon. I'm considering buying a M1 mini despite it's limitations until the new m1 mini (pro or whatever they call it) drops.
My Mini has been fine for my sessions, (project home studio) Ive been running a few eleven plugins, some reverb etc on the Carbon DSP and its all performing well. CPU load is a non issue.

I do think as I grow instrument tracks and plugins the memory will become an issue but for now its working really really well. If a M1 max mini gets released I will likely upgrade, but only to be ahead of the curve. Today I have no issues.
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