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Default THIS DISK CAN NOT be read by this computer... HELP!!

I have a Beige G3 233MHZ with 8.1 MAC OS and it happens that once I backup with toaster (either 3.5.2 or 4.1), the CD´R can not be read by the CD-ROM of the G3. Mounting the Glyph CDR then I become able to read it.

It is important to tell you that right at the end of long back-ups, close to the CD limit which is 700MB, I always have messages like HARDWARE ERROR, LEADIN/OUT not written, SENSE KEY ERROR. If the backups are small, like 80MB there is no problem.

Also, I have an older Seagate and I keep on loosing info on it, some audiofiles disappear or tracks lose their sync.

When I try to copy from a DIGIDRIVE 18K or from the internal MAC HD, error messages appear. Also, sometimes the message: do you want to initialize the Seagate?

Hope to hear from you soon my friends from Digi or someone else out there!! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]
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