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Default Re: Scroll Options, Sends & Ruler views not workin

Thanks for the help.

For the fades I am trying to go to the submenu when I have a section highlighted between two cuts. With the others they should apparently show regardless. However with all of them, the triangle to the right isn't greyed out which suggest there should be a further menu. But when I click or hover over these no sub menu appears. It works fine with all the other sub menus so I know I am not doing something wrong with the mouse.

This is really frustrating me as there are many aspects of PTLE that I need to have access to. At the moment, with my sessions, I am unable to any fading, or change views, sends or anything like that with the sub menus which are needed. I have tried to re-install after removing PTLE, have also totally removed and re-installed from 6.7, upgraded to 6.9.2 (as my system is Tiger) and then tried again later with the latest upgrade.

Any one got any ideas as this is causing me severe problems and musician stlye angst lol!

Any help appreciated.

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