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I am still waiting for my Digi001 to be delivered so this information is for changing the resources for any device under Win98. This process would be the same regardless of whether you want to change the resources for your digi pci card or a video adapter for example.
Go to the Control Panel and open the System icon.
Go to the Device Manager tab.
Locate the entry for the digi pci device, select it and click on properties.
Go to the Resources tab.
*I would write down all of the current resource settings before making any changes.

If 'Use automatic settings' is checked off, uncheck it.
*Some Win98 drivers do not give you the option of unchecking the 'Use automatic settings' checkbox which means that only Win98 can manage the resources for that device and they cannot be set manually.

Double click on a resource, like irq for example which will open an edit box.
Scroll up or down to increase or decrease the value until the 'Conflict information' box at the bottom of the window says 'No devices are conflicting'.
*If a resource already says 'No devices are conflicting' when you go into the edit box there is no need to change the value.

Once you have done this for all of the device resources that you want to change, click ok on all of the open windows.
Restart your machine and re-check the Device manager for device conflicts.
If there are no conflicts you should be all set.

If your machine will not restart after changing device resources try doing a full shutdown and then a fresh boot.
If the machine still doesn't boot up, turn off the power then turn it back on.
When you see 'Starting windows' at the top of the screen press the F8 key on your keyboard.
You will get a startup options menu and you will select Safe mode.
This will boot the machine with a minimal set of drivers and allow you to revert to your original device resources through Device manager using the same method that you used to change the original settings.

If you are new to windows98 I hope that you find this information useful.
If anyone has any additional information that is specific to the digi pci card device settings, please post it.
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