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Default Re: Superior Drummer no longer recognizes TD12 midi

Finally figured it out... there were a couple of issues:
The 9.0.5 updater (I used this to update from 9.0.3) apparently removes midi drivers and device (003r) drivers that were present on the previously installed version of PT. Both of these drivers need to be updated separately. I ended up uninstalling PT & then used the "full install" version of 9.0.5 instead. I also updated the device & midi drivers separately.

Now everything is working again... TD, Superior etc. The only remaining glitch is that I can no longer open "midi studio"... when ever I try, it just freezes & then I get an error message that says "if you have recently installed new midi drivers, try removing then re-installing them". I did that, but it made no difference. So now, I have a working system, but if I need to change my midi settings I'm stuck. I also tried updating the TD firmware using updsmf, but that also freezes (I'm assuming because of some midi driver conflict somewhere).

Ah well, at least I can start playing drums & recording music again :)
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