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Default Focusrite red 16 Line's loosing sync with HDX Card


I look after a studio running 2 Focusrite Red 16Line's run from a single Avid HDX card. The system has an occasional and random fault where the second unit (channels 17 onwards) appears to lose sync and stops outputting audio or instead routes audio into incorrect channels. This doesn't appear to affect input routing. I've checked that the interfaces are wired up correctly according to the Focusrite and Avid HDX guide including digilink and BNC sync cables. The units are configured as follows:

Top unit:
Mode - Pro Tools
Sync - Internal

Second unit:
Mode - Pro Tools
Sync - Loop Sync

The firmware for both units is up to date, I've spoken to Focusrite who don't think this is a common fault.

I suspect that the configuration generally is correct as it's only an intermittent fault however it's very difficult to diagnose the faulty part of the system.

If anyone can provide any assistance I'd be very grateful
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