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Default Exernal hard drive & macbook Pro...advice Please

Hey all,

Running Pro Tools on a laptop and on a mac is virgin territory me...clueless, but, I'm gathering information quickly...of course with the help of all of you here on this forum.

My question I need an external hard drive to transfer and run a pro tools session from my PC desktop to a soon to be bought Macbook Pro Laptop? it possible to do a save copy in of your pro tools session and burn it to a DVD or CD disc and then just insert the disc in the Mac and import the session in to pro tools? ...anf then start mixing?

Is the external drive really necessary for just transferring sessions?

Previously, prior to working with Pro Tools, I was using Sonar from 2000 to 2008, and that's how I transfered my sessions from one PC desktop to another.

Thanks Everyone!
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