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Default 64 voices w/HD 2, PT 5.3.1 ?

Hi All:

I'm trying to get my HD 2 system to run in 64 voice mode. I keep getting -6028 errors and sometimes -6039 errors when I try to do this regardless of how I allocate the audio. 48 voice mode works like a charm using a single Cheetah drive for audio. The Answerbase info on these error messages does not seem useful.

System is HD2 w/ 192 I/O and Sync I/O on a quicksilver G4 w/ an ATTO EPCI-DC card running two 18 gig Cheetah drives. PT v 5.3.1, Mac OS 9.2.2, 4th PCI slot has an Aurora Fuse card in it. Recently added a 200 Gig 7200 rpm Oxford 911 chip set Firewire drive. Allocating some audio to the firewire drive does not seem to help.

Control is via a HUI which, like my other MIDI devices, is hooked up to an Opcode Studio 4 interface connected via a Griffin G-port mod.

I am also getting MIDI overflow problems fairly regularly, which I suspect implicate either the HUI or the Studio 4/Griffin configuration.

I know this is a rather offbeat setup with a lot of older grandfathered equipment- Is there anything in this setup that suggests why I am having trouble getting 64 voices?

Any thoughts on the MIDI logjams?

Thanks a lot!

Jon Gordon
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