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Default Re: Need a power conditioner

Furman is great, no doubt. However, considering the price range of your speakers, I would suggest taking a look into Phonic as well.
I was previously living in a building with over 35 people (students) each having their own refridgerators, freezers, pc's etc on a terribly old power infrastructure. At first I had a lot of noise, ticks and pops from the power supply. Phonic ppc9000e took care of that extremely well. I'm using 4 B&W DM6's on 2 Crown XLS402 amps for L,R,Ls and Rs, KRK V8 as C and KRK S10 as sub. By now I'm in a box-in-box situation in a single house, I've integrated the ppc with my fusebox so that all sensitive gear runs thru it, having power sockets that run thru and power sockets that don't. I have a separate ground pin for my studio's, but also tested with the ground of the general power circuit, including 2 fridges, a freezer, oven, central heating etc... Although my speakers are calibrated @85 dB SPL @-20dBFS, I have to take off the speaker covers and get my ear in less than 10 cm of the cones to be able to hear any noise at all. That noise is probably inherent to the 003 and my monitor control (it's even louder on the active V8 than on the passive DM6's). All of the above is not really rocket science, more of a practical approach, but my guess is it might be worth spending the price difference on something more creative.
Hope this helps. Others please correct/contradict me, I'm here to learn as well (and I sort of forgot to sleep this night :) )
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