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Default Need a power conditioner

I just picked up a pair of Yamaha HS80M's. They're great, but I've got dirty power in my building and I'm getting some hiss. Everything I've read says Furman is good, so that's the direction I'm going. But I've noticed they are rated for what kind of amp draw they can support, but I have no idea how much I need. I've got the HS80's, the HS10 sub, and my PC (it has a 1KW PSU, but it definitely isn't drawing max power). I don't think anything else really needs to be plugged into the power conditioner. The other stuff is irrelevant to audio production, printer, router, cable modem. Hopefully you guys can recommend one that isn't $700+, cause if it's lower, I can buy a couple, and plug my guitar amps into them too.
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