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Talking My Live/Recording/Practice Setup

Newbie here and first forum post.

First and foremost I want to thank Avid for making such an awesome product! The hours of joy this little box gives me is amazing!

Now to the point of this post. To share my knowledge of something I feel other players would like to take advantage of. My current equipment I use (guitar make and models excluded) Eleven Rack, Danelectro Daddy O, Zak Wylde Wah, Marshall JVM410H, and a 1912 Lead Cabinet. For the longest time I've been fighting with how do I use my current setup to get a dry recording of my guitar while still hearing how I would perform live. It may sound simple if you don't mind having your delay, chorus, or any other fx you would rather have in your amp fx loop before the amp's preamp. My goal was to use the Eleven Rack preamp fx before the amp's preamp and the Eleven Rack's fx loop fx in the amp's fx loop or after the preamp but before my amp's power amp (why I stated it this way you'll see later). When I first got my Eleven Rack I searched and searched the internet for a solution. Now I figured it out....

What I did was I went from the Guitar -> 11R Guitar In -> 11R FX Send set to Stompbox fx -> Danelectro Daddy O -> Zak Wylde Wah -> JVM410H Guitar Input -> JVM410H slave amp out -> 11R FX Return -> 11R Guitar Amp Out (either one) -> JVM410H Power Amp Input

I also had to do some tweaking on the interface of the Eleven Rack. Output to Amp is Rig Out No Cab. For presets that I used the JVM410H preamp I bypassed the amp sim (note the Noise Gate still is active when you bypass the amp sim). I also placed by 11R FX Loop before the amp sim, then I placed all preamp fx before the 11R FX Loop and then all FX Loop FX after the amp sim. Be sure to have FX Loop active. BAM! You now have the way I would want my fx chained or the way you want them with use of a external preamp/ampilifier. You can also get dry guitar recordings from band practices from songs you make up on the spot or any other idea you have and decide later to seek out a better tone for it. Now if you have the FX Loop bypassed and the amp sim active you are now modelling amps within Eleven Rack and bypassing your physical amp's preamp section and using your physical amp's power amp section.

Now to answer the question of why I stated it the way I did earlier. My JVM410H has an FX Loop section that has a blend control for dry and wet. When you have it set to 100% for some reason there is a drop in loudness of the signal. The JVM410H has another section that i used as my FX loop and that's for sending/receiving signal to/from other amps. So I went that route.

Now since I have it this way I also get to take advantage of the Noise Gate with my physical amp since we all know Marshalls have a huge hiss. There's $500 or so saved on a good Noise Gate.

Hope you all enjoy this bit of information and can make good use of it as I do.

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