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Default PT LE 6.7 download / store

Is it just me under stress or is the 6.7 not available for online purchase and download?

I cannot find it, only 6.4.

According to the news section it should be available:

Free Updates for Pro Tools LE System Owners
Pro Tools LE 6.7 is a free update for registered Pro Tools LE system owners who purchased new hardware systems on or after September 25, 2004. If you meet that criteria, you must complete a Pro Tools LE 6.7 Update Request Form and mail it to Digidesign along with a copy of your dated purchase receipt from an authorized Digidesign dealer. Upon receipt and processing of this form, Digidesign will mail you your upgrade. Please note: This update will not be available for download.

Pro Tools LE system owners who purchased a new Pro Tools LE product from an authorized Digidesign reseller between September 25, 2004, and October 25, 2004, must submit their Update Request Form and dated receipt by November 25, 2004.

Upgrades for Pro Tools LE System Owners
Digi 002®, Digi 002 Rack™, and Mbox™ owners can purchase the Pro Tools LE 6.7 upgrade for approximately SEK 600. Pro Tools LE 6.7 upgrade kits are available for order through the DigiStore, and will be available from Digidesign dealers beginning November 15, 2004.

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