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Originally Posted by lucienpalmer View Post
That would be a GREAT feature! Lately, I've found myself having to switch between 5.1 in-the-box mixes at 23.98 and Atmos mixes at 24fps to an RMU. It takes quite a bit of effort. PT I/O changes, DADman outputs reconfigurations, on/off RMU connection in Peripherals, plus the frame rate switching....

1. Change the frame rate on the AJA video gen
2. Change the frame rate in the Renderer prefs
3. Change the frame rate on the RME TCO/MADI cards
4. Change the frame rate on Pro Tools Sync Setup to change Sync HD

In all, it's well over a dozen clicks just to get a session to load and play. I set up SoundFlow to take care of some of the output switching, so anything to automate even two steps of the frame rate dance, would be welcome.
Exactly! Auto changing framerate would actually be the only reason for us to upgrade. We have plenty of people dry hiring the studio. We'd like it to be fool proof where the entire setup is adjusted according to the session that is opened. Instead of telling someone to go tot he machine room, find one of the many small AJA/BM boxes with your current studio number on it, bring a small flat screwdriver and fiddle with the dipswitches to set it to the correct frame rate. In PAL country we use both 24fps and 25fps a lot.
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