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Default Re: HDX Delay comp weirdness on instrument tracks

Thanks for looking further into this Smokeydan. I never tried an offline bounce as it's not something I use very often. Regardless of the specifics, the fact that offline and online produce different results should be enough to flag this up as a bug for Avid.

I'm back on an HDX rig tomorrow, so I'll try and do some further testing (just saved copies of my sessions with all instrument tracks frozen just in case! )

Any Avid reps out there who can escalate this up the chain?

Edit: Just a thought, and I'll have a look at this tomorrow. I'm interested in seeing whether there's a difference in behaviour depending on whether the instrument track is routed to an aux, or directly to a physical output. Tracks in my sessions are rarely, if ever, routed directly to outputs. Things tend to go to a submix aux, mix bus aux etc etc.

I'm also gonna try some tests with other plugins that have tempo sync features. Who knows, it could be a SoundToys problem...

Edit 2: This would all be moot if we just had the option to run HDX rigs natively i.e. have the HDX card behave like an HD Native card with no extra features. Avid, if you're listening, this is a feature I'd find really useful.
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