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Default Re: HDX Delay comp weirdness on instrument tracks

Are you sure the tremolator was late rather than early?
I had an issue a few months ago, where I discovered that a Kontakt instrument was playing out of time if it was being triggered by its own internal step sequencer. It played in time if it was triggered by midi on the instrument track. This lead me to conclude that the instrument track was taking care of the delay compensation between the Midi and the instrument, rather than in the audio domain on the outputs of the channel. If I copied the instrument to an aux track instead, the delay compensation was dealt with correctly and the instrument played in time -
So I'm wondering, if your issue is related to this, and this difference in the behaviour of the Delay Compensation on Instrument tracks vs Auxes is the cause, whether you might get around it in a similar fashion - eg, run the instrument track through an aux and insert the tremolator on the aux??
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