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Default HDX Delay comp weirdness on instrument tracks

Hi Duc users,

I had a strange experience last time I used an HDX system. I plugged my computer (Mac Pro trashcan) into a Thunderbolt PCI chassis containing an HDX card.

I opened a session Iíd been working on natively, and immediately noticed some things not sounding right.

I had an instrument track with SoundToys Tremolator inserted after NI Massive. Tremolator was set to tempo sync, but was audibly late with respect to the click (I was using a sawtooth waveform, so it was immediately obvious that the sharp transitions werenít in time with the click). The amount that the tempo sync was out by varied according to the playback buffer setting. Everything else seemed to be working normally wrt delay compensation.

Routing was as follows: Instrument track -> Stereo bus (submix) -> Stereo bus (main mix bus) -> Analog output

The problem persisted even when I deleted every track in the session except for the above.

Luckily, the studio was using Apogee converters with Digi-Link cards - I was able to connect directly to the interfaces over USB, avoiding any problems.

But Iím a bit worried as Iím booked to do a session next week at a studio with HDIOs, so I wonít have any option other than to Thunderbolt into the HDX chassis.

Has anyone experienced anything like this when moving sessions between Native and HDX rigs? Anyone know of any workarounds, or system configurations which donít exhibit this behaviour?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

My system info should be displayed below - when I had the above problem I was running 2018.7 on High Sierra.
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