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Default Re: Cloud Collaboration Deleting Files? // Melodyne Files Gone

Originally Posted by sharchik View Post
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has experience with Avid Cloud Collaboration deleting files on you?

I've had to continually "redownload" sessions from the "Open Project" splash screen upon start up, since the session has the blue cloud with a down arrow symbol next to it.
Yes. As I've described in other threads, I had this same problem of having to frequently re-download Projects from the cloud.

Also: One day PT deleted the three Projects from the Project Cache folder. One minute I saw them there, and a few minutes later they were gone.

And they wouldn't download from the cloud for some unknown reason until the next day.

There was a 24+ hour period where I couldn't access my files at all.

Once I was able to download the Projects again, I immediately saved them as Sessions and ceased working with PT Cloud Collaboration.
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