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Default Cloud Collaboration Deleting Files? // Melodyne Files Gone

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has experience with Avid Cloud Collaboration deleting files on you?

I've had to continually "redownload" sessions from the "Open Project" splash screen upon start up, since the session has the blue cloud with a down arrow symbol next to it.

I assumed if I was out of storage for example, that Avid would just not let me upload more stuff. After being warned that I used 99% I took two old projects off that I saved copies locally of and brought my usage down to around 70%.

Went to open an old session I was working on with a vocalist, some busses, an instrumental, and several vocal tracks each with Melodyne Plugins on them.

Now it seems that all my melodyne transfers are missing, and they aren't even present when I dig into Finder along this path...

/Users/samuelharchik/Documents/Pro Tools/Project Cache/8G-efMFJjbnLI9-4gpXFUc/3i2_egZIb5_M5FWNeACN_b#.ptproject/Revision History/Manual Saves/Melodyne/Transfers

So since everything worked fine a few days ago when I had this session open, I'm wonder what gives... I can NOT do all this work over again.

Any thoughts?! Thank you!

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