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Question Re: White Noise bursts (and clicks and pops) with Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8

Thanks a bunch! It'll take me awhile, but I'll see what I can do about the chipset since integrated graphic video cards are not supported. I'll also increase my ram, and get a secondary drive that meets the sys reqs. BTW; that's why I had to read the message about the HDD thats posted on the "Help us to Help You" link several times.

(The system requirements as presented to the general public are somewhat misleading. Nowhere on the box, or even in the installation instructions does it mention the fact that a secondary HDD is required to play & record in P/T).

So once I get the secondary drive, alternate video card, and increase my ram considerably, I guess I should then un-install Pro Tools from my "C" drive and install it, and run it from the alternate drive, is that correct??

Also; I have Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8. I'm not aware of how to retrieve specific build details, and I'm not aware of any later builds, or patches being available.

(Thanks in advance!)
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