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Thumbs down Problems with Scorch App on my Ipad and Macbook Air

Please HELP!!!
I am at my wits end. Like a fine swiss time piece the Scorch App I bought
for my new Ipad malfunctions. Most of the time it starts playing the score about 3/4 of the way into the first measure and does not keep its proper place for reading along. Sometimes rebooting the Ipad stops it for maybe 1 play through then it returns to the problem described above. It also changes the chord type and tab notation if I adjust the tempo. On the macbook air I must use firefox to run scorch since it is not supported by Safari any longer, It starts ok sometimes
but then the blue line that helps you keep place in the score vanishes.I need some advise and help regarding these problems.PLEASE HELP ME AVID!!!!
Is anyone else having these issues with this App? This problem makes the App useless for anything but wasting my time and patience.When will this problem be fixed???
Thanks Mixmaster D
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