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Default PT shortcuts and batch commands on Android

I'm looking for a way to control shortcuts and batch commands on a Windows 7 PT rig (PT12 and PT10) in the editing room. Batch Commander or D-tools would be great but it seems like BC is still years away for windows and D-tools is not available separately.

I need to be able to program shortcuts and batch commands. If I could also program solo buttons for each channel, that would be a bonus but not required. Have found a large tablet that runs Android that should be perfect and would prefer to use a wired connection, not wifi.

It looks like TouchOSC would do what I need it to do. Calmae Studis programed a template like I'm talking about except they are using TouchOSC with Osculator since they are running macs. It needs to be for Windows

I also found a app called Custom Keypad app that looks like it will do what I need it to except it's only IOS. Anybody here running a setup like this? Any apps like this for android? Is there any I might be missing even for an ipad? Should I be looking at another program?

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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