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Default Re: "bounce to disk" stutter problem

Have you guys checked the sustained throughput on your drives?

Something is obviously starved for data in both cases. Perhaps it's an issue with the bridge chips used to convert the ATA drives to FW.

On the iBook perhaps it is the system bus. Could be that on the 7500 as well although I've never had this issue on my 8600/G3 400 with a 50mhz bus speed. I don't use FW drives though. Before I got my Tempo Trio card I ran 2 50pin SCSI drives (9MBps) on the stock bus, and got 8 tracks without any problems. The 2 WD JB drives on my Trio card are doing 30MBps. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] I boot off one, and record on the other.

It's always better to wipe a drive clean than to de-frag. Don't forget about directory maintenence either! A hosed directory can really screw things up. If your audio files become fragmented the drive has to work much harder to read/write all those tracks at once.
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