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Default Re: S1 Surface Shift to Shift soft key

Originally Posted by TheBarnOnMaple View Post
Thanks kindly for the update. The main function (as I bought the S1 for mixing) that seems cumbersome and causes wrist pain is reaching the the top left corner every time I want to cycle a tracks automation state. Is there a way to cycle through a tracks automation state by programming a user key? I can see an option to specifically select touch, latch etc.. but I didn't find an option to cycle through via a user key.
In EuControl Settings, check the box (center column) "Rec/Auto switch press changes automation modes. SHIFT+Rec/Auto switch press enables track record"

For everyone I work with and myself, that's a better use to keep that on and then you cycle by just pressing the Rec button on the channel. When you want to record, then you use the shift key.

You can also set that EuControl option to a user key to toggle its setting (Soft Keys > Surface > Options > General > Rec-Auto Changes Automation) and then when mixing, you can switch it on so automation is prioritized on the Rec buttons and when recording you can toggle it off so record is prioritized. That way you don't need to use the top shift key at all.

Hope that's helpful.
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