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Default Help: Suddenly Digidesign Control Panel ON bogs things down

I have:
-PowerMac G4 867, using OS 9.2.1
-ProTools HD (HD 1, 192 I/O)
-Waves Gold, McDSP plug-ins, Waves Masters

I have other applications on my Mac for occasional use, even thought I am using ProTools 90% of the time. Specifically, I have Microsoft Office 2001.

I have noticed that suddenly Excel is very slow. Before this, calculations were lightning fast. By much trial & error turning extensions on/off, I finally find that the problem is solved simply by switching the Digidesign Control Panel OFF. The problem occurs even with ProTools CLOSED. I have always left the Control Panel on in the past at all problems with other applications.

The only things I have done recently that I can identify is:
-Updated Waves to version 3.6
-Updated McDSP plug-ins to latest versions.

Could the Waves update be causing this problem....even with ProTools OFF?

Yes, I can simply switch the Digidesign Control Panel OFF and restart the Mac whenever I want to use Excel. But I'd like to understand what caused the problem and hopefully find another solution.

Any suggestions?? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
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