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Default Guitar Pro 5?

Hello Guys,

Up till 2 days ago I have been using Guitar Pro 5 with religious fervour. I use it for lessons that I receive and also for songs I attempt to learn - and I've even used it to create songs and solo parts.

But 2 days ago the MIDI playback just stopped man - it just stopped! I went through all the usual suspects checking the audio panel to make sure it was audible (it was), checked that it was still using the Wavetable SW Synth (it was), using DirectSound and Primary Sound Driver, so as far as I can see it should be working. I even deleted and reinstalled the program, no dice .

Any other suggestions as to why it might've stopped? Should I bite the bullet and buy Guitar Pro 6? And more importantly, can I use all of my GP5 files with it? I tried the demo about a year ago and absolutely hated the look of it - but I'm getting deperate right about now!!!

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