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Default Re: Opening a Pro Tools file

Originally Posted by Chris King View Post
When I finish working on one song and try to open another, PT hangs in various places whilst loading. It is not a plugin because it always loads up after the computer is restarted perfectly.

The problem is moving from song to song which I need to do.

Another thing is that I seem to need to quit PT before moving to a new song rather than just close that song. If I do, it quickly tells me that the RAM is struggling.

Advice would be appreciated.

Hi Chris its Chris here

Are you on PT8? if so you could try turning off "use DSP cache" which is on the system usage meter! there's a small pull down arrow menu and make sure its un-ticked.

What you say ram is struggling! what error message do you get? whats the exact wording?

We'll need more information about your system, what computer and OS and all specs and which version of PT and any other peripherals connected to your system!

PT MAC Troubleshooting...

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