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Default New Mac - running leopard and XP - Advice please?

i've recently purchased a new intel mac which came with leopard. i already have PT7 and a digi002.

what i wish to know is what is the best way to get PT7 running on my machine?

I know there is no PT LE leopard update at the moment and have been told that my mac will not work with OSX tiger (apparently because it is one of the new mac books which are made to work with leopard??)

so i decided to install XP on the mac to get PT LE working, however, once installed i doesnt even play without throwing up error messages (-9003 i think? something to do with "interrupts")

i appreciate that XP on a mac would be far from digidesigns recommended setup and so i'm not surprise it doesnt run well.

so basically, considering all of the above....

is there any info on when the leopard update is coming out for LE?

is there any other way i've not thought of to get PT 7 up and running on my machine?

if the best way is XP, is there anything you can suggest to get it running properly?

sorry for all the questions but im so frustrated at buying this machine and not being able to run PT 7 on it.

thanks in advance
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