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Default Re: Getting Into Sound Design for Film - LE or HD?

First, my apologies for the post placement! I've never really cruised anywhere else than the LE forums.

OliJ, thanks for the final tip at the bottom. That's something that I've always thought about - I always assumed a piece of audio would most effectively be panned when it is a mono region, so that when it's panned to a specific location, you really hear it there! Thanks!

Let me describe the current plan I have in mind for this. I typically record in commercial studios and do a lot of traveling, but when I came home for the day I wanted a smaller project studio rig at home. So with some renovations to the home and a little-big budget, I build a super nice mini studio, complete with a small tracking room next door. It worked great for me for a few years. I recently moved (temporarily) to Boston and needed to sell all the gear and tear down the room. While the walls are still standing, the custom built treatments are all gone. My plan was to move back piece together the room again, but this time re-design the place from the ground up for film post. I would invest in a medium sized 5.1 rig, all the necessary hi-end interfaces, either PT|HD or Logic, and a nice big screen. On top of that, I would outfit the tracking room with a mic collection for ADR and foley.

OliJ, I see your point about the inefficiency of the rig. I want to work in surround - Yes I am the mixer - so HD or Logic are already givens I suppose. On the last small project I did, I had seperate sessions for each stem, and then took the bounces from each and dropped them into a final mix session. Once I got the stem premixes good, then it was easy. But then we needed to make minor changes in the premixes and we ended up losing a lot of time. I can't deal with that.
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