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Default Re: SSL SiX advice?

If you're all in the box, this seems like a lot of $$ for lots of features you won't be using. My feeling on this is simple; if you need to ask if its a wise choice, then it probably isn't

Things to consider:
1-If you want 2 great mic preamps, buy the SSL USB interface, or some Neve or API clones(if you mention what you are now using, you'll probably get better advice than my shooting from the hip).
2-If you want to connect several keyboards to avoid lots of patching, a small Mackie/Alto/Alesis mixer can do that for way less.
3-If you want a Bus Compressor to mix thru, there are several excellent plugins, like Waves SSL Bus Comp, Cytomic's The Glue, etc.(mixing thru hardware rarely makes sense in a small setup).
4-If you want some control of your monitoring, the Audient Nero or Presonus Monitor station 2 would be better suited.
5-Review your setup. Maybe you need a better mic, or better speakers, or a better chair(I'm not kidding as I am sitting in a Herman Miller Aeron for hours at a time)
6-I thought the SiX was over-priced at the $999 introduction............
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