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Default MBOX AND SIBELIUS??? Sibelius crashes...

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

I am trying to get Sibelius to play through my Mbox but Sibelius crashes on startup.
I can add it to the "Supported Applications" list in the "Digi Core Audio Setup" but Sibelius will immedietely crash on startup.
I have read many postings about this problem but no one seems to have an answer on how to solve this.

NOTE: I thought I found a solution to the problem by going to the Sibelius "Prefrences" and unchecking "Play Music" and "Show Quick Start dialog".
This made Sibelius boot but after one minute it crashes again.
I have also tried trashing the "prefs files" and removing Kontakt player but that didn't help either.

My setup:
Mac G5
OS 10.3.3
512 MB memory
with Mbox

Any help will be appreciated!!!!!

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