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Default M Powered Essential full installer download??

I picked up a used M-audio fast track first generation off craigs. It came with dvd. Im on Windows 7 64. Went to M-audio site and downloaded latest drivers,6.06. Put dvd into tray and I think disc is damaged.It takes about 3-4 minutes for it load up and when I browse disc theres only a desktop.ini file.Nothing else.I looked at disc and the center seems to be discolored. Im thinking disc is damaged.Disc version is 8.0.2.
I found download for full installer of 8.0.3.
Will this install?I had downloaded 8.0.5 and it wouldnt install because there was no previous full install.
Does the revision number matter?DVD being 8.0.2 and downloading 8.0.3?8.0.3 only showed it was for Wind XP/Vista.What about win 7 64.
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