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Default oo1 on tour

good info:

After seeing the 001 on tour -

looks great, all inclusive. if starting from scratch, this is a great system and you probably won't need logic....if you already use logic, i understad that emagic will be supporting the 001.

from the look of the system and its feature set, you would be best suited using it by itself as a stand alone, studio in a box. if you are just doing music (not synching to video/external tape decks) in the MAC, it will be a great, cost effective home studio solution...which I think is what DIGI had in mind.

This is not the gear to buy to try to integrate into a full blown, intricately designed setup, with too many different pieces talking to each other.

Think of it as the DIGI/Pro Tools MAC User interface version of a Roland VS1680 - you buy it for what it is and use it for that...when you are ready for more, you upgrade to TDM, add mic pre's, midi interfaces, etc.!!
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