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Default Pro Tools M-Powered Essential trying to add mp3 track please help!

Hello I have the Pro Tools M-Powered Essential with the M audio fast track. I am from the old school using analog mackie board with separate recording and this is my first setup like this. For many years I have made my own gospel cds by using pre recorded soundtracks and recording my vocal on them. I have tried for almost a month trying to learn how to add my karaoke soundtrack on the time line and then record my vocal track. If I was correct I did import the track and had to convert it and clicked done. But I never could find the transport controls to click play to hear the track nor have I even had the chance to record my vocal to the soundtrack. I am only needing 2 tracks, my soundtrack and vocal track. From being from the old school recording and in my 50's and hoping I could learn this. I've searched you tube but the only demos I find is where you can add pre loaded beats. Can anyone tell me how to add my soundtrack and lay down my vocal track save it as mp3 to burn to cds. If you can help you have made am old man very happy. My email is if you have suggestions. Thank you in advance, Eddie
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