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Default Digi/Avid: Why did my custom key command shortcuts stop working with 8.03cs1

Over the past few years, i have developed an extensive list of custom key commands (shortcuts) in Pro Tools, which save me huge amounts of mouse clicking... especially when it comes to showing/hiding things in the Edit and Mix windows.

One of my most well-used command sets was setup to show/hide inserts and bus sends on both my Edit and Mix windows. For some reason when i upgraded to 8.03cs1, this no longer works on my Edit window - only on my mix page.

This is *really* disappointing, because I am way more likely to want to show/hide these things on my edit page than my mix page.

The only thing that still works is my command for "I/O", and I'm guessing that is because it is ONLY in the Edit View, not in the Mix View list.

They all used to work fine even with the same command listed in both the Mix View and Edit View lists. Is it possible to change this back??
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