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Default Can I adjust gain on just one track in?

Hello everyone.
I'm running PT11 with an 11R.
I have a backing track I made playing on track 1.
I have an mono audio track (2), setup for the dry track, (Guitar in), (Main out).
I have a stereo track (3), setup for the wet track, (11R L/R in), (Main Out).

This way I can have both tracks recorded simultaneously.

I select record enable on track (2), (3).
I press record then play and record my guitar.

When I play it back the dry track is very low volume but the stereo track is normal.
I cannot find anything in the forum or manuals on this and was curious if I'm not doing something to increase gain on the dry track guitar in and if I even can do that.

Am I missing something somewhere where I can increase gain on that track alone?

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