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Default Controlling plug-ins with Avid Artist Mix + Control

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for some help on controlling an EQ with my Artist Mix and Control. I've spent the last few hours scouring through manuals and forums, and have some remaining questions I can't find answers to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

1. How do you bypass plug-ins on the surface when tweaking?
2. How do you assign plug-ins?
3. How do cycle through EQ filter types for a band?
4. How do I toggle on/off the plug-in window while tweaking?
5. How do I set it to where my EQ/Dynamic settings on my control reflect the plug-ins on whatever track is selected (similar to "Focus" mode on the ICON's).
6. If I have several EQ's/compressors set on a track, how do I cycle through which one I'm tweaking?
7. What are the best resources (other than the manual and forums such as these) for learning these controllers, particularly involving the Mix in combination with the Control?
8. How do I make my Artist Series controllers work exactly like a D-Control?

Thanks in advance!
- Ryan Stewart
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