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Thumbs down Re: Score purchased in app store cannot be played

I have a similar complaint.

I purchased digital sheetmusic for two pop songs (for SAB choir) via the Scorch store, for my Ipad. I don't recall seeing a message about them not having playback and editing capabilities, but even if there was such a message, it did not tell me just how useless having these songs in scorch would be. Both songs have repeats in them, where I have to turn back 3 or more pages. As far as I can see, I am only allowed to do this one page at a time, which makes the music completely useless. Is there a feature that I am missing, or am I correct that I wasted my money on these purchases? If it's not fixable, can I get my money back? I don't even know how to go about it...

Also, I have a few other sheet music reading apps on my Ipad. Is it possible to export these songs (through Dropbox, the cloud, etc...) into a program which gives me more options for turning pages on my Ipad?

These two songs also "flicker" when I turn pages, which is very distracting. Other songs in my Scorch library don't do that...
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