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Default Re: RTAS plugins and Auto Delay Compensation??

. Not sure why you are having 5-10 crashes a day with the 002R but you may have some system problems you need to deal with before upgrading to anything else. Otherwise you may very well find that your new TDM system crashes a lot too...

Thanks for all your advice guys!!!!
The crashing problem is only happening using the digi core audio driver and Logic..... using exactly the same hardware with protools hasn't crashed once, and it gets used about 10 hours a day for the last 5 months..... Logic used to be very stable on my system, then became progressively less reliable, until I upgraded it to Pro 6...... At which point it became totally unusable!!!! What a load of crap!!!!! Most of my mates use Logic, and have also been plagued by this instability (which is much worse at sample rates other than 44.1)...... I keep telling them to start using a pro application!!!!!!
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