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Default Re: RTAS plugins and Auto Delay Compensation??

Hi all you clever lot in the TDM section! I'm a lowly LE user, though I'm considering making the jump to the hallowed halls of TDM-ness....... I've only been using protools since December, having been a fully fledged Logic lover..... however 5-10 crashes per day using my 002R, and Logic doesn't really cut it when you're writing for TV with deadlines approaching!
Protools is definitely better for TV or radio editing etc. Not sure why you are having 5-10 crashes a day with the 002R but you may have some system problems you need to deal with before upgrading to anything else. Otherwise you may very well find that your new TDM system crashes a lot too...

I just wanted to find out about using Auto Delay Compensation from you guys in the real world...... does it work with RTAS plug-ins?
Yes as stated in previous post.

If I upgrade to a TDM system is it worth upgrading my Waves bundle to TDM, or is RTAS perfectly sufficient.
TDM plugs are one of the primary reasons to go to TDM hardware in the first place so it has less strain on your CPU. I'm not sure if you realize but you can only use RTAS plug-ins on the first insert of audio channels (you can add more RTAS plugs in succession too), not on auxillary channels or master faders (with the exception of RTAS virtual instruments). So that is one limitation to using RTAS plug-ins in a TDM system.

Also..... the 192 - is it in the same league as Apogee's AD16X? What of the Prism ADA? Any thoughts?
In one word - no. The A/D, D/A in the 192 I/O is definitely better then previous digidesign attempts e.g. 888's. However the higher priced converters such as Apogee, Prism, Benchmark, Cranesong, Lavry, Mytek & RME are still considerably better than digidesign's. However you do pay a premium for good converters so you can't really expect digi to use them unless they charge even more money for their I/O's. it also comes down to personal choice & what converters you like best or can afford.

Hope this helps...
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