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Default RTAS plugins and Auto Delay Compensation??

Hi all you clever lot in the TDM section! I'm a lowly LE user, though I'm considering making the jump to the hallowed halls of TDM-ness....... I've only been using protools since December, having been a fully fledged Logic lover..... however 5-10 crashes per day using my 002R, and Logic doesn't really cut it when you're writing for TV with deadlines approaching!
Anyway...... having been an avid (scuse the pun) Logic user, I've been blown away by the MIDI in Protools 6.7..... personally I think it now wipes the floor with Apple's now consumer flagship software!!!!.....
I just wanted to find out about using Auto Delay Compensation from you guys in the real world...... does it work with RTAS plug-ins? If I upgrade to a TDM system is it worth upgrading my Waves bundle to TDM, or is RTAS perfectly sufficient.....clearly I'm going to be limited by host CPU..... Also..... the 192 - in the same league as Apogee's AD16X? What of the Prism ADA? Any thoughts? Clearly if the 192 cuts it I'd rather stay with Digi hardware.....
It'd be great to hear your thoughts!!
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